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an ordinary miracle

An Ordinary Miracle

What did we expect?
How did we imagine
a meal would be made?
By logic? By reason?
By economics? By market forces?

No! Women and baskets!
The surprise of the ordinary! Thousands fed by love!
An everyday miracle
we will not allow
to happen today.

Let it happen
this most ordinary of miracles:
sharing water, bread, fish, cheese, fruit -
the contents of women's baskets
haven't changed very much.

Let it happen
the greatest miracle of all:
that people see
how things could be different,
see the hidden wisdom,
of the ones not counted.

Let it happen:
sit down with those not counted;
stop organising,
stop doing good works.
Start trusting, risking, hoping
... and sharing.
just open your baskets
and let people be.

Joy Mead