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Original Blessing

into the night

Into the Night

I wrap the blanket of the night
About me, fold on fold on fold -
And remember how as a child
Lost in the newness of the light
I first discovered what is old
From the night and the soft night wind.
For in daytime all was new,
Moving in light and in the mind
All at once, thought, shape and hue,
Extravagant novelty too wild
For the new eyes of a child.

The night, the night alone is old
And showed me only what I knew,
Knew, yet never had been told;
A speech that from the darkness grew
Too deep for daily tongues to say,
Archaic dialogue of a few
Upon the sixth or the seventh day.
And shapes too simple for a place
In the day's shrill complexity
Came and were more natural, more
Expected than my father's face
Smiling across the open door,
More simple than the sanded floor
In unexplained simplicity.

Edwin Muir