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Original Blessing

pushing the boat out

Pushing the Boat Out

Voice 1 Come
Voice 2 I can't do it
Voice 1 You can do it
Voice 2 I'm not strong enough
Voice 1 You don't have to be strong: the water will hold you
Voice 2 I might get wet
Voice 1 Yes, you will
Voice 2 I might sink
Voice 1 Only if you panic
Voice 2 I might drown
Voice 1 You won't drown: the boat will hold you
Voice 2 People will see me
Voice 1 Yes, they'll definately see you. You might encourage some of them to do the same
Voice 2 But some of them might try to stop me for my own good
Voice 1 Yes, but you can't live out of other people's fears
Voice 2 Some of them might throw stones at me
Voice 1 That's a risk you'll just have to take
Voice 2 The water's very dark
Voice 1 Round the headland it's a beautiful green
Voice 2 There might be monsters
Voice 1 Yes, but there are monsters where you are now
Voice 2 How will I know which direction to go in ?
Voice 1 Just keep your eyes on me
Voive 2 What if I can't see you for the waves ?
Voice 1 I'll still be here
Voice 2 I'm very scared
Voice 1 We're all scared: but don't trust your fears, they're not reliable
Voice 2 What will I trust ?
Voice 1 Trust your love
Voice 2 But what if I get that wrong ?
Voice 1 Then trust my love: they come from the same place
Voice 2 But what if ..........?
Voice 1 This conversation's becoming very circular. I'm not going to sit here all day while you theorise. Now you have to move your body, are you coming?

Kathy Galloway (adapted)